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GoDaiko or Great Lakes Anime Convention exists for our fans and is run by fans. Located in Pontiac, Michigan we invite the whole great lakes area to join us for this convention. We have great guests, fun panels, a video game room, manga library, a great dance, anime and Japanese movies playing, interactive game shows, a Hall Cosplay with awards and a Cosplay Masquerade. Formerly known as Anime Detroit we’re a small convention under new management.

General Information

This is a 3 day convention where we celebrate Japanese anime and the culture behind it. Come to the con and meet guest. Get some autographs and come to the vendors room and get some of the best stuff from the fandom! We boost some of the top vendors in the US and in fact I believe we have the largest selection of Manga and DVDs for sale by our great vendors. Also we have video rooms and great programming. Best of all we offer a few hours on Friday for people to come and check out the con for free. See if you like it before registering for the rest of the con.